Does anyone even care about Lance any more?

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Does anyone even care about Lance any more?

Postby rossdelduca » Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:09 am

There is no denying the wonderful work that Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong foundation have done for the cause of cancer. But why should I actually care about the USADA ruling, the argued legality of that ruling, or if Lance gets to keep his wins for the record books or not. Honestly, I just don't really feel this issue is relevant at all.
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Re: Does anyone even care about Lance any more?

Postby rapunzel » Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:02 am

As I read about the USADA ruling, I felt the same way. Granted, there are things about this man that I really don't like. At the same time, everyone else was doping, too. (Or at least nearly everyone else.) So as far as his performance when you realize the rest of the field (or anyone within range of him) was on par doping-wise, too? Still pretty stunning.

His organizations may lose some steam for a while...and maybe they eventually fizzle over the years. However, I seriously doubt these various organizations will simply disappear into thin air just like that. No. He's built up too much momentum and fame...and now, notoriety, too, to just simply fall out of the limelight into oblivion.
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Re: Does anyone even care about Lance any more?

Postby alpainter » Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:48 pm

Not so much. Given the amount of dirty riders from his era, we can't be surprised this has happened. The Giants are in the playoffs and the Niners are having an awesome season, let's talk about that!! :-)
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Re: Does anyone even care about Lance any more?

Postby CedrickG » Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:47 pm

I mean, he did great work, but he was also a jerk in his personal/professional life. Like lots of athletes that get paid tons of money to ride a bike/hit a ball/throw a punch etc. So why do we continue to make him relevant in a sport desperate to move forward?

I feel a little conflicted, I think Vaughters just wrote somewhere that himself and everyone who was part of the system are now part of the problem and need to be made to pay. So I guess in a way it shouldn't just fade into the background until the lawsuits etc have taken place.

It probably should be publicly painful now because it was painful for a lot of people who lived in the obscurity of the sport for many years (not only talking of Armstrong). I think after everyone has said their peace and at least had a shot at reparation it will be time to finally move on.

P.S. Drs. Ferrari and Fuentes have connections all over the sporting world, the other sports will have to decide how serious they are about anti-doping at some point.
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